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#1 Ghost Tour - DeSoto Hotel

14 DeSoto Hotel

Located in the center of the downtown Savannah historic district at 15 East Liberty Street, the current, and recently modernized, DeSoto Hotel is convenient to everything. This hotel was built on the site of the original Hotel DeSoto…
#1 Ghost Tour - Madison Square Marker

15 Madison Square

Madison Square is certainly one of the most scenic spots in Savannah with the majestic live oak trees and flowering azaleas. The square was named for James Madison, the fourth president of the United States. Featured in the…
#1 Ghost Tour

18 Casimir Pulaski Grave

Casimir Pulaski is a hero of the Revolutionary War. He died near Savannah about October 9, 1779 after being wounded in battle. He is buried in the center of Monterey Square under his tribute Memorial. Tour Members see…
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