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Ghost FAQs

The following are some the most frequently asked questions about GHOSTS. The answers provided are believed by some to be the truth, based on personal experiences of people who publicly shared what they knew, and also countless writings across the world over all of recorded time.

Are Ghosts real?

Yes. People can and do become GHOSTS. Some are GHOSTS for only a short period such as seconds, hours, and days. Some people exist as a GHOST for an extended period, even as long as many years, decades, and beyond.

Where do GHOSTS come from?

When people die, death causes them to transform into SPIRITS so that they can enter a special portal door which allows passage to the next world.

A GHOST is a SPIRIT that has become “stranded” in this world, usually because the portal door did not open, or the portal door closed before the SPIRIT could complete passage to the next world.

There are many reasons which could cause a portal door to not open, or to close too soon. The portal door is supposed to open on the “scheduled” day and time of death, based on a predetermined “natural” death, such as old age. Sometimes, however, a person dies before the “scheduled” time, such as those unusual and unique deaths caused by a car wreck (or other such deadly accident), a murder, or a suicide.
In these special circumstances, the portal door does not open for the SPIRIT because it is not yet the “scheduled” time. Sometimes a GHOST must wait for the “scheduled” time of death when the portal will open.

Portal doors are open for a short time, and the SPIRIT must completely pass through before it closes. The SPIRIT can become “stranded” if it is blocked from entering the portal by a SPECIAL OBJECT or another SPIRIT or GHOST. In some situations, the SPIRIT may become confused and/or disoriented, causing the SPIRIT to not see the portal door, and therefore unable to enter before it closes. Also, sometimes a SPIRIT does not “want” to go through the portal door, and by choice “refuses” to pass to the next world. Some GHOSTS prefer to stay in this world for many reasons, such as to find a lost person or object, or to stay with a loved one or a loved place. Stories have told of GHOSTS who stay in this world long enough to help catch the person responsible for the GHOST’s death. It is not known for sure how many chances a GHOST is given to leave, but most believe that after a certain number of “refusals” the portal door does not ever open again.

What are GHOSTS?

A GHOST (a SPIRIT that has become “stranded”) does not have a body. A GHOST does have ESSENCE which some believe is like a cloud or an ether. Without a body, a GHOST has no regular senses, such as taste, smell, touch, hearing, and seeing. Instead, a GHOST has feelings, such as awareness, along with emotions and thoughts. When a GHOST is near a living thing (including people) each can “feel” the presence of the other.

Are GHOSTS good or bad?

Remember, a GHOST was at one time a person. A GHOST retains all characteristics it had when it was a living person, up to the moment of death. Studies indicate that the characteristics of a GHOST include, but are not limited to, age, sex, education, manners, relationships, prior behaviors, personal preferences, and family status.

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