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Savannah Self-Guided Ghost Tour – True Haunted Places & Ghost Stories

Tour Instructions:

Welcome to this Ghost Tour. Here, for your enjoyment, are dozens of haunted places and associated ghost stories, all in the downtown historic area of  Savannah, Georgia.

Included is every place on most regular guided ghost tours, and more. Use it in addition to, or as a replacement of, a regular tour.

Visit wherever you choose. Full details and photos are provided for all places. A real-time map is included in every tour.

BEWARE: People have reported that while at this website they experienced an eerie feeling of a frightening presence looking over their shoulder.  


We make no actual claims to the truth, validity, or accuracy of any of the assembled collection of information in this website, whether seemingly intended to be historical, factual, frightening, laughable, or whatever. We consider it all to be somewhat of a work of fiction, and expect that you will too. Enjoy all you read, and looking at the pictures, but do not necessarily believe any of it. This website exists for the 100% sole purpose of entertainment.

Know this: Your mind controls what to believe; however, your beliefs control your mind.

The ghost stories in this website have been told for many years. Our goal here is to simply pass them along. We strive to tell the stories the way we think they were meant to be told.

We are not ghost hunters or paranormal experts, or anything like that (not that there’s anything wrong with that). We do believe that we all live in the “strange universe”, and try to remain open-minded about the existence of “things” out there.

We are just researchers trying our best to accumulate as much scattered but related information that we can find on ghosts, frightening stories, haunted places, and stuff like that; and we ONLY focus on haunted places and ghost stories in the downtown historic area of Savannah, Georgia.

Note: The Savannah Self-Guided Ghost Tour is updated continously. We are always trying to make it even better than it is now. Out staff is available 5 days per week to assist in any way we can, including help with any questions or concerns you might have.

This is a self-guided tour, which is to say, one that allows you to freely go where and when you wish, without restrictions of any kind. You might even use it as an online-only tour which would not involve walking around, or even going outside. It is simple and safe. Nothing is really expected of you. You can take the tour at your own pace, anytime, any place, on any device. You can eat snacks or whatever.

The ghost tour covers information about pretty much every “Official” ghost story in Savannah and the associated locations. There are dozens of titles in the Haunted Places & Ghost Stories Tour. The tour is focused on an area of about one and a half square miles inside the beautiful downtown historic district of Savannah. The Tour area boundary lines run from the Waving Girl statue on the far East end of River Street (Morrel Park) to the Scarborough House on Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd (about 1.2 miles); and from the North side of the Savannah River on Hutchinson Island to the South end of Forsyth Park (about 1.5 miles). 

In terms of size of the CONTENT of the Tour, you will discover detailed information regarding dozens of titles of Haunted Places & Ghost Stories in the Tour. Also, you are certain to learn some fascinating facts and history associated with the Haunted Places & Ghost Stories, and Savannah, as well. 

This tour is rated PG-13 and is NOT recommended for young children. The Members-Only sections do contain content of mature subject matter. The free public areas are tame, educational, and entertaining; however, be warned: The Members-Only stories are the real deal, with adult talk of murder, suicide, accidents, tragic and/or violent events, and things like that. You don’t want your children to be reading any of it. It very well might give them nightmares at the very least.

Have fun and enjoy the tour.

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