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#1 Ghost Tour - Madison Square Marker

15 Madison Square

Madison Square is certainly one of the most scenic spots in Savannah with the majestic live oak trees and flowering azaleas. The square was named for James Madison, the fourth president of the United States. Featured in the…
#1 Ghost Tour

01 Reynolds Square

Reynolds Square is on Abercorn Street, 1 block South of Bay Street. It has a statue of John Wesley, Founder of Methodism. Tour Members see the full Ghost Story here, with complete Details, Photos, Graphics & Related Links.…
#1 Ghost Tour - Echo Square

11 Echo Square

Echo Square, located on Savannah's river-front plaza, is one of the most curious unexplained mysteries of Savannah and River Street. People who visit this location, and experience the strange phenomenon are completely amazed and astounded. The possible…
Ellis Square

21 Ellis Square

Ellis Square is named in honor of Henry Ellis, the second Royal Governor of Georgia. It is one of the four original squares built during the founding of Savannah. The Square is on Barnard Street just 1 block…
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