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#1 Ghost Tour℠

Special Ghost Hunters Meetups

From time to time, special events are scheduled for ghost hunters to come together and meet to share their ghostly experiences, including photos, with others.

All members are automatically added to the email list of the #1 Ghost Tour. Periodic emails are sent out which include full information about these events, along with lots of associated news and other items.

The Downtown Historic District of Savannah, Georgia becomes a hub of paranormal activity every night as hundreds, sometimes thousands, of eager excited Ghost Hunters fill the squares and sidewalks to investigate the many haunted locations.

Especially on Friday and Saturday nights, Ghost Hunters meet in multiple haunted Savannah locations (including Johnson Square, Wright Square, and Colonial Cemetery) to begin an evening of visits to the most haunted locations in the city. After all, most agree that it is safer and much more fun to venture out in a group.

On select evenings, most Fridays and Saturdays, #1 Ghost Tour provides a “Meetup Table” near Colonial Cemetery. Although #1 Ghost Tour is generally a Self-Guided tour for individuals and their closed group, these special meetups allow times when all active tour members can open up and reach out to discover new friends with common interests. The more the merrier as they say. Also, the “Meetup Table” allows personal interaction between the Ghost Writers and the Members of the Tour; and, yes, autographs are allowed.

Evenings are a particularly fun time to explore Haunted Places and look for ghosts in Savannah. For this reason, #1 Ghost Tour has created the EVENING TWILIGHT TOUR.

The EVENING TWILIGHT TOUR is made up of a collection of 16 of the most haunted locations in downtown Savannah. This special selection of sites is a tour of about 1 mile, and takes about 2 hours to complete.

Click Here to View the Special EVENING TWILIGHT TOUR

Be careful, have fun, and enjoy your ghost hunting experiences.

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