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#1 Ghost Tour - 432 Abercorn Street

02 House at 432 Abercorn

The large house at 432 Abercorn Street sits at the intersection of East Gordon Street, and towers over the Southeast corner of Calhoun Square. Records show that this giant three-story house was built in 1868 for General…
#1 Ghost Tour - Andrew Low House

03 Andrew Low House

The Andrew Low House, located at 329 Abercorn Street (located on the southwest trust lot of Lafayette Square) was built more than 150 years ago. John Norris originally designed this Italianate-style stucco-over-brick building. Wealthy cotton magnate Andrew Low…
#1 Ghost Tour - Henry Willink House

04 Henry Willink House

Henry F. Willink was a shipbuilder. As a member of the Savannah shipbuilding firm of Willink & Miller, he contracted with the Confederate Navy (1861) for the construction of the gunboats and ironclad steamers. When the city of…
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