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01 Moon River Brewing

The Moon River Brewing Company is located at 21 West Bay Street in the downtown historic district of Savannah, just 1 block from the Savannah River. The current building was designed to be a fancy hotel, and was…

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05 Tomochichi’s Grave

Tomochichi was the Chief (Mico) of the Creek Indian tribe that lived in the Savannah area before the arrival of General Oglethorpe in 1733. Historians suppose that Chief Tomochichi was born about 1644. Around the year 1728, Chief…

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10 Savannah Theatre

The Savannah Theatre is located at 222 Bull Street overlooking the northeast corner of Chippewa Square. It was designed by William Jay and was originally an example of the Regency style. It opened in December of 1818,…

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14 DeSoto Hotel

Located in the center of the downtown Savannah historic district at 15 East Liberty Street, the current, and recently modernized, DeSoto Hotel is convenient to everything. This hotel was built on the site of the original Hotel DeSoto…

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15 Madison Square

Madison Square is certainly one of the most scenic spots in Savannah with the majestic live oak trees and flowering azaleas. The square was named for James Madison, the fourth president of the United States. Featured in the…

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